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The Bayt.com Employee Motivation Survey - January 2013

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January 08, 2013

The Bayt.com Employee Motivation Survey is conducted to identify drivers of employee motivation in this region, understand how the current environment is affects employee satisfaction levels in the region and understand MENA professional's perceptions of their management.

Survey Highlights:

  • • 77% of MENA respondents claim being motivated to some extent towards the work they do.
  • • 58% of the total respondents claim they receive some level of support from their organization to maintain a healthy work-life balance. However, 39% claim they receive little to no support.
  • • Almost four in ten MENA claim they would at least stay for the next 12 months with their current employer.
  • • 71% of MENA professionals are well informed of their company’s goals and 64% of professionals also believe that there is high level of transparency in the communication in their organization.

Respondents' Profile: Data for the Bayt.com Top Industries survey was collected online from from December 6-16, 2012, with 10,167 respondents aged 18+, representing Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia and the UAE.

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Reader's Comments

1. moussa bachiriان الموظف في شمال افريقيا وخاصةالجزائر تمارس عليه كل الضغوط النفسية والاجتماعية ،فمثلا انا في بداية في عملي كان لي اندفاع قوي في العمل بحيث اصبحت اغير كثير من الامور وابدع في ميدان العمل ولكن اجد عدم التحفيز والامبلات من المسؤول وحتى الزملاء وبمرور الزمن ،اصبحت لاابالي بالعمل واصبحت اعمل بمجهود صغير ،ووجدت مشاكل المعريفة والمحسوبية هي السائدة ،فمللات العمل .هذه تجربتي لمدةسنوات من العمل .
Wed 09-Dec-2015 18:29 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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