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Regional Human Resource Overview: Middle East Salary Survey and Cost of Living Analysis 2008

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February 24, 2008

The Middle East Salary Survey, conducted annually, is designed to study current salaries, wages and benefits across the GCC and Middle East region (including salaries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morrocco & other countries in Middle East & North Africa) and to gauge employee opinion and employee satisfaction vis-a-vis the salaries they receive, and how these have kept pace with inflation and costs of living in the GCC/ Middle East/ North Africa.

p>The Bayt.com Middle East Salary Survey sets out to measure the following:
  • An indication of the average salaries across the Middle East and North Africa region including salaries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and other countries in the Middle East and Norh Africa
  • The composition of the talent pool at the disposal of employers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and other countries in the GCC, Middle East and North Africa
  • The cost of living challenges that are perceived to be in place by employers and employees and their action plan if any, to combat inflation.
  • Job and career cycles in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, KSA, Lebanon, Jordan and more

Respondents' Profile: Professionals holding jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and elsewhere in the GCC, Middle East and North Africa at all career levels and across all industries were included in this Middle East Salary Survey including professionals holding jobs in banking, financial services, IT, engineering, architecture, human resources, media, advertising, marketing, sales, government, consulting, publishing and other key employment sectors in the Middle East and North Africa.

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1. samir khaouaشكرا على هذا الموقع ..نرجوا من الله العلي القدير أن نتمكن من الحصول على فرصة عمل حقيقية بفضلكم..
Wed 26-Jun-2013 19:46 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
2. samir mahfoudشكرا على هذا الموقع نرجو من الله عز و جل ان نحصل على ما نريد
Mon 09-May-2011 12:30 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
3. shanawaz mianvalue added
Tue 19-May-2009 10:26 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
4. zinab hamed shehata shehataشكرا بيت على كل ماتقدموه لنا من خدمات
Tue 18-Nov-2008 14:28 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
5. ahmed abd elhakeem elsayed ahmedthank you very much for your interest ,i hope that all arab engineers make big effect in our society eng elhakeem
Mon 03-Nov-2008 19:53 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
6. khaled elzeneethanks for BAYT
Sat 27-Sep-2008 11:45 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
7. Amjad MuhammadVery pleased to visit this site.It help us for building carier.Its very informatic ans usefull
Sun 11-May-2008 07:15 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
8. Ali HAMAIDIthank you for this site
Tue 29-Apr-2008 11:28 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
9. saida lamnourithank you very much for giving us this way to the largest market and congratulation for your excellent efforts
Tue 22-Apr-2008 18:23 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
10. Fadi SalamehBayt.com works for us ...
Tue 22-Apr-2008 12:40 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
11. kamal fghoulibayt.com is very good website for searching job , i hope find a job by this website
Sat 19-Apr-2008 14:15 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
12. Mohammed Ameen AryattilBayt.com is a very good site for job searching.
Wed 09-Apr-2008 13:40 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
13. m rais khan baigalvery good job,bayt.com team.
Tue 08-Apr-2008 14:58 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
14. Zahid Moinuddin KhanGreat website...! Good job bayt.com team. please help me to find better JOB.
Sun 06-Apr-2008 12:56 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
15. Mazen IbrahimI hope that the companies owners and executive managers can read this report
Fri 04-Apr-2008 07:39 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
16. Kumud ChandraVery informative article with proper illustrations. Such surveys and reports really help the HR managers in the Gulf region to get an exact picture of the market and accordingly judge the competitiveness and henchmarking activities. CB Prakash, HR Manager, Qatar
Mon 24-Mar-2008 06:10 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
17. Ali FreihatThis excellent survey can be very helpful to each Country's Government (Ministry Of Labor) to start an action plan based on the findings, also its a guide line to each HR Mgr to start at once a research on his facility status compared to the results on this survey,, Always forward Bayt.com. Ali Freihat - HR Mgr / Jordan
Sun 23-Mar-2008 22:20 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
18. Tarek FaroukWell done and excellent effort revealed helpful HR points for both employers and employees on critical and sensitive issue, Comp&Ben. Keep going, Tarek Farouk, Manager Human Resources, Egypt
Sun 23-Mar-2008 19:37 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
19. Abdulla Al Hammamiwill done ....... thanks for this great article
Tue 18-Mar-2008 23:52 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
20. Preetika JadhavBrilliant description and use of facts and figure. Informative report with current comprision of salry levels and cost of living.
Sun 09-Mar-2008 06:31 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
21. Sami Mugrubigreat asset ! thank you for making this available
Tue 04-Mar-2008 08:28 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
22. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamedجيد جداً
Sun 02-Mar-2008 07:25 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
23. ABDUL NAJEEB NAJEEBthank you for giving us the knowledge of the market that what is going on and where we are lacking behind and keep on forwarding this information to all members. because it is true and we think that you have definitely researched the market.
Sat 01-Mar-2008 20:08 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
24. Arun Kumar KamalasananBrilliant depiction of the regions statistics !! Thank you for letting us know about the trends. This is truly a handy tool when considering "where to work" in the gulf. Looking forward to more informative materials --- Arun Kumar Kamalasanan, Doha, Qatar.
Wed 27-Feb-2008 06:44 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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