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Bayt.com Career Development in the Middle East and North Africa

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January 05, 2016

Career development is one of the single most important priorities to professionals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). So important, in fact, that the vast majority are willing to change both country of residence and career path in order to fulfill their potential. The question becomes: are companies in the region aware of just how important systematized career development is to their employees and future employees?

In the Bayt.com Career Development in the Middle East and North Africa survey, it is made clear that there is a gap between development opportunities offered in companies in the Middle East and the needs of professionals. Indeed, it is necessary that more and more employers should recognize the importance of fostering an environment of growth and learning to bring out the best in their employees. Companies can develop in-house training departments, ally themselves with special training houses and universities, send employees to relevant external training programs, offer internal rotational programs and overseas assignments as a key career development opportunity, and commit to their employees learning and development in a multitude of other creative and meaningful ways. Besides the company’s training activities, career plans and professional development opportunities should be routinely discussed and formalized. Employees that feel the company has invested in them in this manner are far more likely to remain loyal and productive.

The Bayt.com Career Development in the Middle East and North Africa survey, done in collaboration with YouGov, explores the dynamics of career development in the MENA.

Key Highlights:

  • Overall, 85% of respondents claim that career development is very important to them.
  • The great majority (82%) would leave their current company for better training opportunities.
  • Lack of motivation (38%), followed by no clear objectives (31%) are the most mentioned internal barriers for career development.
  • 36% find their country of residence more attractive than other countries in terms of career development, while another 36% state the opposite. GCC residents and especially those living in the UAE (63%) generally find their country of residence more attractive in this regard.
  • Almost 8 in 10 respondents are trying to identify learning opportunities inside and outside of their company.
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