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The Bayt.com Internet Usage in the Middle East Survey- November 2009

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December 21, 2009

The Internet Usage in the Middle East Survey is conducted to gauge internet usage habits and attitudes regarding the internet among professionals and job seekers across the Middle East and North Africa region.Key issues pertinent to frequency and reasons for using the internet as well as attitudes towards online payments, online learning, online research and online social networking were addressed-

in order to understand the impact the internet has had and continues to have on a personal as well as professional level across the Middle East and North Africa.

This Middle East HR Survey encompassed professionals in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, Lebanon and more and the data was collected online between 30th October and 22nd November 2009 with 13,847 respondents.

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1. Mohammad Sobhy A. YoussefThanks so much...very helpful
Mon 03-May-2010 05:29 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
2. Shaikh Yusufthanks Bayt
Wed 24-Feb-2010 10:59 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
3. Ghulam MurtazaThanks Bayt
Fri 19-Feb-2010 22:31 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
4. Muhammad Aminul Huda ChowdhuryNice !
Sun 14-Feb-2010 07:50 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
5. Ahossain Md. sadeque Robingood
Sat 13-Feb-2010 18:05 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
6. Mohamed Abd El-Mohsen MoradThanks for this wonderful report
Fri 22-Jan-2010 19:05 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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