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    Closed or Expired Job Posting This job posting is closed or has expired and is no longer open for applications.

    Head of Production

    Golden Chip Company

    Dammam, Saudi Arabia

    Ref. JB1560724

    Job Description

    Golden Chip Company Factory (GCCF), is a subsidiary of Golden Chip Company, a newly established Smart Card Factory in the Second Industrial zone of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. GCCF is not an ordinary card manufacturer.

    We have thoughtfully established our Factory to meet and exceed industry standards and to maintain an excellent reputation in the card manufacturing industry. GCCF is different from other card manufacturers in that we offer two separate plants, each uniquely designed for a specific purpose. We are only concerned about providing the best cards and service to our customers. It’s all we do, so it’s most important to us.

    Our innovative and progressive approach, coupled with substantial
    experience, bring you the best of both worlds. experience and vision that is unmatched in the marketplace.

    We are proud to announce that we are currently recruiting for the
    position of Head of Production.

    The main task of this position is sourcing of personnel, managing of personnel, production planning and calculating production costs. He reports directly to the CEO.
    He is responsible for the complete production and all production areas. The production manager is responsible for the safety and health in the workspace. He has to monitor the production and is responsible for any technical queries. He is the authorising officer for all employees in the production area.
    The production manager has to support the organisation of business studies like feasibility study, equipment load factor, machine hourly rate, product costing, production costs, etc.
    He is the main contact of the CEO for physical inventories; costs of replacement analyses, optimization of reject rates and optimization of downtimes for internal cost analyses.
    The production manager is responsible for improvements, corrective actions and preventive operations covering the production process.
    The production manager must organize daily meetings in the morning with the quality manager, printing manager, card body supervisor, embedding supervisor, warehouse manager, card personalisation supervisor and if necessary other department representatives (e.g. purchasing) to analyze, check and solve problems and implement solutions.
    He must organize, create and document hiring actions, training plans, head count calculations, interviews and approval of employees for the production and support department.
    He is in contact with the customer regarding the technical specification, all technical issues, delivery dead lines and customer audits.
    In addition to QA the production manager is the representative and participant during proof of process capability and audits.
    He has to organize the necessary internal audits (random and planned) for check, approval and ability of the production process and equipment in cooperation with the quality operator.
    The production manager takes care of replacement and extension of production machinery and equipment. The sourcing of new equipment compromise e.g. qualifying of supplier and their products with respect to costs, performance, extensibility, flexibility, service, consumables, availability etc. The production manager is generally responsible for the production quality, quantity and costs. It means the forecasted and calculated scrap rates, cycle times, material volumes and headcount must be reached or better should be reduced.
    He is responsible for the necessary update, correction and documentation of facts and figures in the corresponding description, manuals and documents


    - Educational qualification: Degree or Diploma in product/production engineering, automation engineering or mechanical engineering

    - Job and practical experience: minimum 5 years experience in leading and managing or production and assembly lines as manufacturing manager

    - Working experience :

    • Work systematically
    • Professional understanding of technical operation and dependencies
    • Quick comprehension
    • Professional PC skills
    • Fast decision ability
    • Cost oriented
    • Measurement and control reliability
    • Management experience
    • Experience in local safety, work and commercial laws, contact with legal and unit departments
    • Analyse persons, techniques and commercial facts
    • Professional presentation abilities of figures, facts, problems, solutions in front of customer and/or internal top management and banks, insurance, units, legal and…

    - Language fluency: multilingual (Arabic and English)


    Degree in product/production engineering, automation engineering or mechanical engineerin

    Job Details

    Job Location:
    Dammam, Saudi Arabia
    Company Industry:
    Manufacturing and Production; Telecommunications; Information Technology
    Company Type:
    Employer (Private Sector)
    Job Role:
    Employment Type:
    Full Time Employee
    Monthly Salary Range:
    $3,000 - $4,000
    Number of Vacancies:
    Job Ref.:

    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level:
    Years of Experience:
    Min: 3 Max: 10
    Residence Location:
    Bachelor's degree / higher diploma