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    Closed or Expired Job Posting This job posting is closed or has expired and is no longer open for applications.

    Laundry Manager


    Mecca, Saudi Arabia

    Ref. JB1722271

    Job Description


    - Under the general guidance of the General Manager or his delegate, and within the limits of the company and local Policies and Procedures, overseas and directs all aspects of the overall laundry operations in order to achieve the business objectives of the company.

    - Directs and manages a multi-operational laundering process; approves safety procedures for the proper use of equipment.
    - Estimates and projects budgetary costs for new equipment, major repairs, additional personnel and expendable supplies.
    - Recommends selection of employees; evaluates the review of employee performance in order to ensure that the personnel function is performed satisfactorily in order to prepare appropriate training and development plans for the staff.
    - Coordinates the collection and distribution of laundry from and to a number of separate customers with varying needs and requirements.
    - Establishes and reviews procedures and policies for the provision of laundry services; Designs and maintains procedure of work, implement appropriate reviewing methods in accordance with established standards and to determine the most effective, economical and suitable method of production.
    - Promoting a high level of morale among the members of the Laundry Personnel in order to ensure good standard of productivity and establish and cultivate mutual confidence among laundry staff and supervisors.
    - Maintaining quality standards of the Laundry Production.
    - Purchasing and storing of all Laundry Materials for production and to lay down standards for material usage.
    - Make reasonable, intelligent and efficient cost control, and superior product delivery.
    - Supervises all Laundry Staff on the day to day operation of the Laundry to ensure that the highest possible hygiene and finish standard of all linen is maintained at all times.
    - Inspects laundry processing and press work on a daily basis to ensure optimum quality of work from pick-up and on-time delivery of garments and linen.
    - Maintains records of production work, wash rejects and in case of excessive reject rates, improved wash formulas accordingly.
    - Checks constantly all Laundry equipments to ensure that the machines are kept clean, properly maintained and in efficient operating.
    - Prepare maintenance requisitions and maintains follow up files to ensure that the equipment does not fall into disrepair.
    - Schedules working times in a way to optimize production utilization of equipment as well as utilization of water and energy.
    - Controls and analyses, on an on-going basis, departmental labor and material cost to ensure performance against the budget and prepares a monthly laundry summary report
    - Ability to forecast expenses, plan and execute budgets must be able to read and interpret a P&L.
    - Produces weekly reporting for Operations, Key Indicators, Payroll, and Human Resource.


    - Knowledge of approved methods and practices of laundering linens, uniforms, and other commercial laundry, as well as new techniques or experimental formulas.
    - Knowledge of the principles and techniques of supervision.
    - Knowledge of the principles of inventory control.
    - Knowledge of the procedures and policies involved in the efficient management of commercial laundry.
    - Knowledge of occupational hazards in Commercial laundry and of necessary safety precautions
    - Knowledge of the principles and practices involved in effectively managing a laundry that provides services to several large customers with unique laundry requirements.
    - Knowledge of all phases of the laundry trade, including recent trade in development of equipment, materials, formulas, and procedures.
    - Knowledge of the policies and procedures involved in operating a large commercial laundry in a productive manner, and of the operation and maintenance of equipment and machinery employed in a laundry.


    Abilities & Skills
    - Ability to effectively express ideas orally and written presentation.
    - Ability to maintain and organize filing and record keeping systems.
    - Ability to observe and analyze problems in laundry production and to implement changes where necessary to improve efficiency of working conditions.
    - Ability to prepare reports of laundry operations, based on the interpretation of detailed records.
    - Ability to schedule laundry production to provide a smoother and continuous flow of work through all operations.
    - Ability to coordinate laundry services to several large institutions in a manner that provides efficient service to all units.
    - Ability to organize, assigns, direct and evaluates the work of a large staff of laundry employees who handle a variety of customers’ l linens, uniforms, and clothing.
    - Ability to assess laundry procedures or policies and to make appropriate modification to provide smooth, uninterrupted laundry service to a very large number of units.
    - Ability to assess and analyze production, cost, and personnel and equipment performance records and to prepare budget requests and other reports pertaining to continuing or proposed operations.
    Minimum 15 years experience in commercial laundry work involving the operation of commercial scale laundry equipment.

    Job Details

    Job Location:
    Mecca, Saudi Arabia
    Company Industry:
    Business Support
    Company Type:
    Employer (Private Sector)
    Job Role:
    Employment Status:
    Full time
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    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level:
    Years of Experience:
    Min: 15
    Residence Location:
    Saudi Arabia