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Activate Your Public Profile on Specialties

Why activate your public profile?

Why Should I Get A Specialty Rank?

Collect points, get ranked, and get noticed with’s Specialty Rank:

- Show how you’re different; stand out from the crowd in your area of expertise.
- Increase your chances of being found by top employers; a higher Specialty Rank means more visibility.
- Get discovered by more people, you never know when opportunity comes knocking.
- Build your professional reputation and engage with others in your specialty.

Ranked Users

Specialty Ranks You Can Get:

  • -Specialty- 6000 score to get Diamond Rank
  • -Specialty- 3000 score to get Platinum Rank
  • -Specialty- 1500 score to get Gold Rank
  • -Specialty- 500 score to get Silver Rank
  • -Specialty- 50 score to get Bronze Rank

How Do I Get Ranked?

To reward great answers and great questions,’s Specialties has a points system. The more points you collect, the higher your Specialty Rank. You can look at the points needed to get a certain Specialty Rank in the chart above.

Different actions have different number of points, and many of them depend on how engaged other members are with you. Here some of the different methods that you can collect points:

  • 1Ask your friends to recommend you as a specialist.
  • 2Ask questions: votes, answers and follows on your questions will increase your rank.
  • 3Answer questions: votes on your answer will increase your rank. Answer