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The following are comments posted by Hussein Al Hanash on Bayt.com.


1. Comment on Bayt.com recognised for innovation and business performance, winning “Company of the Year” Award at TECOM Investments Pearl Awards
to the team in bayt.com
a big congratulations and i wish for you more and more awards in the future....
2009-05-28 - Read all comments for this article (289)
2. Comment on Interview Basics: The Twelve Commandments
hi all at bayt.com
I have an interview for teaching out side my country, please can you provide me a sample of questions with their answers for teaching interviews???
thank you in advance
2009-05-14 - Read all comments for this article (123)

Self Assessment

1. Comment on Common Interview Questions - Quiz 2
I answered the best choice and think that the answers were obvious because they are the foundation of success that everybody knows.
also Thanks for all these tips ...I am very sure with these tips I can tacle any of the interveiws...Hats off to the bayt team great work......
2009-04-26 - Read all comments for this assessment (53)