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    Ressources humaines
    Qatar - Doha
    Agence de recrutement
    1-9 employés
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    ihorizons is a leading provider of business solutions and IT services in the Arab World. Founded in 1996, iHorizons has offices in Doha, Dubai, Amman and Riyadh, as well as two labs for research and development. The company has a roster of world-class clients in diverse sectors, which includes Al Jazeera Network, Qtel, Qatar Financial Center, and various government agencies in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    iHorizons provides advanced solutions in the areas of web-based content management, Intranet portals, business process automation, managed operations, IT program management, IT consulting, cloud computing services and arabic language technologies.

    IT outsourcing, web-based content management, managed operations, IT consulting, Arabic language technologies, business process automation


    Our client from the Travel/Tourism Industry is looking to fill in the position of Travel Agency and Holidays Manager. Duties and Responsibilities: • Daily operational management;• Sales development;• Staff and financial management. • promoting and marketing the business, sometimes to new or niche markets; • Managing budgets and maintaining statistical and financial records;• Selling travel products and tour packages;• Sourcing products and destinations to meet consumer demands for bespoke travel and sustainable tourism;• Taking part in familiarization visits to new destinations to gather information on issues and amenities of interest to consumers;• Liaising with travel partners, including airlines and hotels, to manage bookings and schedules, often one year in advance;• Dealing with customer enquiries and aiming to meet their expectations;• Overseeing the smooth, efficient running of the business.
    Fonction: Ventes Domaine de la société: Ressources humaines Niveau de carrière: Manager
    We are looking for a Financial Consultant for our Client based in Doha, Qatar Some of the key responsibilities of the role are Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Financial Closing, Auditing and Forecasting etc. Planning, supervision and review of financial statements
    Fonction: Finance et Investissement Domaine de la société: Ressources humaines Niveau de carrière: Expérimenté
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    Muneera Al-Siksik

    Sr. Sales Assistance
    iHorizons Jordanie

    Majd Fakhoury

    Senior Database Architect
    iHorizons Jordanie

    Anas Rababah

    Systems Administrator
    iHorizons Jordanie - Zarqa

    Basel AbuZaid

    Project Manager
    iHorizons Jordanie - Amman
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