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Keeping Employees Happy

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Contrary to popular belief, the magic ingredients in the employee happiness recipe do not exclusively lie in generous salaries, posh offices and extravagant perks and benefits. The extra measures required can be quite simple really.

Here are some ideas, by HR experts at, you might want to consider as you plan to transform the workplace from lukewarm to “happy”:

1. Respect your employees: Instill your trust in them and earn their trust in return. Employees spend most of their time at the office- with you- and they ought to be treated fairly and respectfully by management at all times.

2. Invest in their skills: In other words, show them that you care about them as working “individuals”. Sign them up for internal and/or external trainings- show a genuine interest in their personal and professional development and their career growth.

3. Communicate with them: Keeping employees abreast of company plans, new products and anticipated changes is key to making them feel “involved”- from involvement will stem a sense of satisfaction and commitment. Engaged employees are more often than not more committed and more productive employees.

4. Listen to them: Communication is not a one way street- be accessible to your employees and allow them to voice their concerns to you. Listen and step in when needed.

5. Appreciate their efforts: Monitor their progress- while monetary reward schemes can be quite motivating, giving them the “vocal” recognition they deserve (in front of other colleagues and management) is a must. Why not allocate 5 minutes of your weekly departmental meeting to celebrate your staff’s unique achievements and accomplishments?!

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