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Don your “Green Hat”!

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Green offices are favored by 88% of professionals in the Middle East, according to a recent poll conducted by, the Middle East’s #1 jobsite, which shed light on the importance of going green in the office and its impact on preserving the environment, boosting staff morale and promoting productivity.

- Set a corporate environment policy: This not only presents your organization as resource efficient and socially responsible but also showcases your commitment to a healthier environment to both existing and potential employees. Be clear and lucid about the steps you are adopting in your company in order to protect the environment.

- Enlighten your staff: A “corporate” environment policy will not be successfully implemented if it is not backed by both staff and management. Organize lectures/ workshops internally about going green and invite not only current but also prospective employees to attend. This will raise employee awareness, boost organizational loyalty and encourage prospective talent to want to join your team.

- Go digital: And reduce paper waste! Eco-friendly printers and scanners are now on the market and worth investing in. Shift from standard printing to “recyclable” printing paper when printing is inevitable.

- Invest in Laptops instead of Desktops: Laptops consume 85% less energy than desktops according to a report issued by BBC, thus opting for laptops instead of desktops is strongly recommended at the workplace in order to go green (Macs use even less electricity than others). Make sure to have all office laptops or desktops set to automatically go on standby mode once inactive for more than 15 minutes and to have them all turned off before everyone leaves the office.

- Go real: Keeping the office green entails decorating the office with real plants instead of synthetic ones. This not only cleans the air and promotes good health but also keeps staff’s morale up and boosts creativity.

- Allow telecommuting when/ if possible: Show flexibility when it comes to working from home. Look into allowing employees to work from home once to twice a week if feasible. Are you adopting videoconferencing yet for your business meetings? Limiting business/ work travel not only helps your staff better balance between life/work and promotes organizational loyalty (as confirmed by 44% of Middle Eastern professionals in a recent poll about "">“Telecommuting in the Middle East”), it also helps them and your company reduce air pollution.

- Give corporate transportation means a thought: Is an eco-friendly company car pool a feasible option for you? Share your thoughts with your employees and excite them. Not only will this save the environment, it will also save them fuel money and parking fees (since this will be offered by the company)! Other ideas would be for you to encourage them to cycle (can you maybe arrange for a corporate discount at a local bike supplier?) They will then be doing both their health and the environment a favor!

- Let the world know that your company is going green: Voice your environment policy not only to your staff and suppliers: go the extra mile and voice it to all candidates you interview with. State the reasons behind your decision and the benefits that the environment, your staff, your company and yourself could reap. Keep in mind that a recent poll about Green offices in the Middle East has shown that 52% of Middle Eastern professionals feel part of a bigger cause when they are working for a “green” organization and this results in a productivity boost! What more can an employer wish for?! Go Green!!!

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