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Articles et Guides: Attracting Talent

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Perks that Will Attract the Right Candidates
When you’re looking to fill key positions in your organization, you want top talent – but so do your competitors. So how do you attract, hire and keep the best people in the field? Find out in this article.
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How to Use Social Recruiting to Attract the Best Talents
Social recruiting is all about using social media and networking sites to power your recruiting efforts. It broadly consists of two ways of using social media in the recruiting process. One is using social networking and online job sites to build your company brand and to inform candidates about job vacancies that you may have. Another form is where employers use social media to track candidates and assess their quality as well as compatibility with the organization.
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Job Postings That Will Help You Attract Top Talent
If you want to hire the best talent for your organization, you need to market to them. You can’t assume they’re desperate to work for you. You have to be willing to woo as well as vet them. And you have to put a human voice into your job postings.
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Five Ways Startups Can Attract Better Talent
It is said that ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link’, so how can SMEs with limited hiring resources attract the best and most talented professionals?
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Writing Effective Job Descriptions
Detailed job descriptions are more helpful than you think. Here, outlines the essentials of writing effective job descriptions.
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Don your “Green Hat”!
Green offices are favored by 88% of professionals in the Middle East , according to a recent poll conducted by, the Middle East’s #1 jobsite, which shed light on the importance of going green in the office and its impact on preserving the environment, boosting staff morale and promoting productivity.
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What are A-players looking for?
We often stumble upon magazine features, TV shows, radio interviews and virtual lectures about “what employers are looking for in new hires.” As an employer aiming to hire A-players, regardless of the size or activity of your company, you already know what sound hiring entails, in all its dimensions, including the thorough screening of a candidate’s technical skills, education, background, and professional experience and personality traits.
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Push Your Employer Brand to the Top
An Employer’s brand is what shapes the perception of an employee, a potential employee, or a former employee with regards to your organization. It is what sets you apart from other employers and defines you as a great employer to work for, an employer of choice, a Top employer.
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Using Job Descriptions to Attract The Right Candidates
Different corporations have different philosophies towards job descriptions with some subscribing to the notion that these should be very broad and vague leaving maximum leeway for individual flexibility and others preferring highly detailed descriptions which hone down from overall objectives of a specific role to each of the monthly, weekly and daily duties involved.
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