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Bayt.com Infographic: Online Education and the Job Market in the Middle East

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March 01, 2012

Interesting data highlights form Bayt.com ‘Online Education and the Job Market in the Middle East’ poll conducted online from December 30, 2011 to January 30, 2012, with 9,677 respondents from Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, KSA and the UAE.

Poll Highlights:

  • • 69.9% Middle Eastern professionals agree that online education is viewed in a more positive light today than it was five years ago.
  • • According to 58.9% respondents credibility of online degrees/courses still remains as an issue when considering an online degree.
  • • A mix of online and traditional classroom studies is considered to be the best type of education, according to 66.7% of respondents.
  • • 20% of MENA employers consider poor preparation, prior to interviews, to be the biggest turn-off in potential employees.
  • • More than half of respondents (54.9%) say that their company will hire applicants with an online degree, though 61.9% say they will still prefer a new recruit with traditional qualifications.

Find more facts from this poll on our ‘Online Education and the Job Market in the Middle East’ poll press release.

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1. fateh aliThanQ Bay.com for giving such a nice information,time 2 time-Once again thanking the team. Regards from Fateh Ali.
Sat 14-Apr-2012 07:41 AM - Rapporter au modérateur
2. LAMINE KACIMIInteresting findings. Time to be proficient in e-learning platforms like Moodle :)
Mon 19-Mar-2012 13:45 PM - Rapporter au modérateur
3. LAMINE KACIMINice findings
Mon 19-Mar-2012 13:42 PM - Rapporter au modérateur

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