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Entretien de Aramex pour le poste Data entry

there were 5 rounds of interview. In 1st phase they gave me a tick mark question paper. In the 2nd round they asked me about my past experience and role.In the 3rd phase the asked me about my previous salary and made a salary offer. At the 4th phase they tested...

Date de publication: December, 2010
Aramex Entretiens


Entretien de Carboholix pour le poste Shop Manager

I put my profile in Gulfnews & i got call from this company and forwarded my cv to the concerned person.They informed me of the interview time & date. In the first round of interview,I was asked about my experience and skills, in the second interview they inquired about my salary,my...

Date de publication: January, 2011
Carboholix Entretiens

S.S. Lootah

Entretien de S.S. Lootah pour le poste Finance Manager

During the Interview I was asked various behavorial questions such as Why I should be hired etc. I was asked to tell regarding my previous achievements. I was then asked to submit an assignment - Once I submitted the assignment, I was sent a letter within few days with the offer...

Date de publication: December, 2010
S.S. Lootah Entretiens

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