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    Mystery Shoppers needed in Oman, - Mukhaizna


    Abu Dhabi, E.A.U.

    Réf. JB1481670

    Description du poste

    INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK is a well known global company focused on checking the quality of customer service, by using the method of Mystery Shopping. ISC is currently looking for people of all ages who are thoughtful, have an eye for detail and with good reporting skills, who reside in

    Oman Mukhaizna

    to analyze the service provided by various commercial outlets: restaurants, clothing or shoe shops, jewellery boutiques etc.

    Tasks given to Mystery Shoppers:

    1. In order to begin with us, every candidate has to register in our database: (then choose: Contact -> Want to become a Service Checker?)

    2. From time to time, you will be receiving emails or calls when somewhere in your area there are visits (checks) available.

    3. For every visit you will receive detailed instructions about where and when you will have to go, what you will have to look for etc. Usually we check cleanliness, friendliness of employees and their willingness to help you during your visit. All detailed information regarding the visit is always provided in these written instructions, in addition they are often given by telephone from one of our coordinators. Some specific checks require you to pass a special certification test.

    4. After your visit, you will have to write an experience report telling us exactly what happened and also answer questions from a questionnaire. Both will be available online in your personal Service Checker account.

    5. Your fee is determined by the project, before the visit and always visible in your instructions. After you perform a correct check, a money transfer will be arranged within a few weeks from the date of your visit. If you are asked to do the visit in a different city, you will be paid travel expenses in addition to your checker fee.

    You can do more than one visit per month

    In addition, if we ask you to buy something, we will cover your expenses.
    So when doing a test check for us, you can often eat for free, or even get new clothing for free etc.

    If you want to join, please register at:
    (then choose: Contact -> Want to become a Service Checker?)

    What´s most important for us is your reliable report.


    • You need to be over 18 years old
    • Have access to computer with Internet.
    • English language.
    • No special experience necessary.

    Détails du poste

    Lieu de travail:
    Abu Dhabi, Émirats Arabes Unis
    Domaine de la société:
    Administration; Marketing; Service consommateur
    Type de société:
    Employeur (secteur privé)
    Statut d'emploi:
    Temps partiel
    Type d'emploi:
    Salaire mensuel:
    Non spécifié
    Nombre de postes à pourvoir:
    Job Réf.:

    Candidat préféré

    Niveau de carrière:
    Années d'expérience:
    Non spécifié
    Lieu de résidence:
    Non spécifié
    Arabie Saoudite; Australie; Bahreïn; Canada; Etats Unis; Grande Bretagne (UK); Ireland; Koweït; Nouvelle Zélande; Oman; Qatar; Royaume Uni; Émirats Arabes Unis
    Non spécifié
    Min: 18