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    أنشئ سيرتك الذاتية

      Mohamed Farag Abu El-Ezz. قصة نجاح Mohamed
    Mohamed Farag Abu El-Ezz.

    Bayt.com gave me and my family another life of security and prosperity. I was living in South Africa since 2003 and one day UAE University called me in my office at the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Pretoria asking me for an interview based on my CV and qualification posted on Bayt.com. After my application went successful my family and I re-located to the beautiful city of Al Ain and we are enjoying now the safety of UAE since 2008. Thanks Bayt.com for giving me the chance and exposing my CV to top quality employers who still keep phoning me for possible placements. I am short of words which describe my gratitude to you and what you have provided me in my career and the future of my whole family.

    Mohamed Farag Abu El-Ezz.
    اسم الشركة: UAE University
    الدور الوظيفي: الخدمات الإدارية
    تاريخ الإعلان عنها: 27 March 2012

    Muhammad Awais Zeb Khan قصة نجاح Muhammad
    Muhammad Awais Zeb Khan

    I was working in Pakistan for more than 5 years in different sectors/industry in many roles like administration, management, customer services, client support and CSR but not satisfied.
    I was looking for challenging opportunity into a career oriented diversified organization, where I can get high level of coordination & co-operations with colleagues and positive output, creative and prodigious attitude and shortly a developing and learning environment.
    Bayt.com changed my life from a local to an international standard. I simply got a job in Automotive Management Services company by applying and getting response on the same day.
    In a period of less than 15 days I flew here to Dubai and started working in a dynamic organization. Now I am recommending people of all ages and groups to change their lives using Bayt.com. After God (Allah) I consider Bayt.com a source of success.

    Thanks God (Allah) and thanks Bayt.com

    Muhammad Awais Zeb Khan
    اسم الشركة: Automotive Management Services FZE
    الدور الوظيفي: الخدمات السوقية (اللوجستية)
    تاريخ الإعلان عنها: 10 February 2012

    User Here Ehsan Al Rifai قصة نجاح Ehsan
    Ehsan Al Rifai

    When I first signed up to Bayt.com 4 years ago, I haven't yet been holding the belief that I would find my way as a freshly graduated job seeker through a "website. However, I was truly amazed by Bayt.com's features, and I particularly admired with the notifications tab that tells you all about your profile when you're away, visibility charts featuring how many times your CV and public profile were viewed and what potential market sectors interested in your skills. Once I had published my completed profile, I started receiving emails and phone calls for vacancies. Thereafter, I was gladly employed in a full time position as a translator, copy editor, proofreader and translation supervisor in Orient Legal Translation who found me through Bayt.com and later they promoted me to more senior levels. I believe that Bayt.com will always again help me build my career.

    Ehsan Al Rifai
    اسم الشركة: Orient Legal Translation
    الدور الوظيفي: كتابة/ تحرير
    تاريخ الإعلان عنها: 19 March 2013

    Mohamed Shaker قصة نجاح Mohamed
    Mohamed Shaker

    I received a call from the employer stating that they found my CV on Bayt.com and then they proceeded in the selection process till I received the offer and started the Job with Qatar Media Services.

    Mohamed Shaker
    اسم الشركة: Qatar Media Services
    الدور الوظيفي: الموارد البشريّة
    تاريخ الإعلان عنها: 22 September 2014

    Ibrahim Khattab قصة نجاح Ibrahim
    Ibrahim Khattab

    When I received a notification from Bayt.com to update my CV, I logged in to my account and updated it. After 2 days, I got a call from a company asking me for an interview. Things went well, and now I am employed in one among the Top 5 FMCG companies in Lebanon.

    Thank-you Bayt.com for following up with my profile and giving me the opportunity to become a department head.

    Ibrahim Khattab
    اسم الشركة: Food & Drug Corporation
    الدور الوظيفي: المحاسبة/الشؤون المالية
    تاريخ الإعلان عنها: 25 October 2011

    Mohamed Khater قصة نجاح Mohamed
    Mohamed Khater

    In 2006; I started to think that its time for me to start a career outside my home country. The first location I looked was in GCC. It was not long before I found Bayt.com. From my first click I was amazed by opportunities that were offered in different countries (GCC & other regions).

    Soon I found a suitable Job in UAE as a QA/QC Engineer through Bayt.com. From that moment; Bayt.com held a special place in my mind as well as heart.

    Since Then, I consider Bayt.com as Number 1 tools in building and developing my career. This strategy, till date has never let me down.

    Mohamed Khater
    اسم الشركة: Bureau Veritas
    الدور الوظيفي: مراقبة الجودة
    تاريخ الإعلان عنها: 23 September 2012

    Talha Shah قصة نجاح Talha
    Talha Shah

    I am Asian MBA graduate of a leading business school in Pakistan Islamabd and knew it is difficult to find an international job. I was passionate to find a job in Middle East. Hence i posted my CV on what I knew was the most successful jobsite in the Middle East, Bayt.com. Needless to say I am happily employed now with Qatar Airways even after all the downsizings of the past 3 years. Thank you Bayt.com! I will certainly use you for our own recruitment needs and recommend you to others!

    Talha Shah
    اسم الشركة: Qatar Airways
    الدور الوظيفي: المشتريات
    تاريخ الإعلان عنها: 09 June 2011

    Syed Mehboob Syed Yacub قصة نجاح Syed
    Syed Mehboob Syed Yacub

    I am feeling pleasant staying in Doha, Qatar and yes, Bayt.com lead me to enjoy those moments. I made a visit to Qatar for job hunting and my friend urged me to register on Bayt.com. I refused at the beginning because I thought Bayt.com is only for Arab nations and now I understand that Bayt.com is for all those who deserve.
    Finally I was called by a consultant company named James Cubitt & Partners and I was appointed as a Civil Engineer. This was my dream to work for a consultant.
    My family and I are paying heartfelt thanks to Bayt.com.

    I recommend everyone to register on Bayt.com for a better job placement in a very short time.

    Syed Mehboob Syed Yacub
    اسم الشركة: James Cubitt and Partners - Qatar
    الدور الوظيفي: الهندسة
    تاريخ الإعلان عنها: 12 November 2013

    Ihab Arafa قصة نجاح Ihab
    Ihab Arafa

    When u settle in a job sometimes you feel that you are going to work every day because you want to get your salary at the end of each month. I have been working for a company for 5 years and one day I felt that I needed a change. I started looking for another job everywhere and it was like a mission impossible to find a job at those days because of the financial crisis. Some of my friends later told me about their experience with Bayt.com and how it was very successful for them to get the right job, therefore I decided to take this step and apply for jobs through Bayt.com.Bayt.com communicated with me directly through email after I registered to give me tips and advices and the tips were very useful. Indeed I started getting many job interviews until I got the appropriate job.

    Ihab Arafa
    اسم الشركة: Al Ain University
    الدور الوظيفي: التسويق
    تاريخ الإعلان عنها: 26 January 2012

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