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      Suhaib Al Zeyoud Suhaib's Success Story
    Suhaib Al Zeyoud

    Dear Bayt,

    Thank you very much for helping me get my position in CAT - AbuDhabi. They chose your great site to select resumes and I was one of the people who got shortlisted to the interview and later got selected.


    Suhaib Al Zeyoud
    Company Name: CAT
    Job Role: Engineering
    Date Posted: 14 May 2013

    Ihab Arafa Ihab's Success Story
    Ihab Arafa

    When u settle in a job sometimes you feel that you are going to work every day because you want to get your salary at the end of each month. I have been working for a company for 5 years and one day I felt that I needed a change. I started looking for another job everywhere and it was like a mission impossible to find a job at those days because of the financial crisis. Some of my friends later told me about their experience with Bayt.com and how it was very successful for them to get the right job, therefore I decided to take this step and apply for jobs through Bayt.com.Bayt.com communicated with me directly through email after I registered to give me tips and advices and the tips were very useful. Indeed I started getting many job interviews until I got the appropriate job.

    Ihab Arafa
    Company Name: Al Ain University
    Job Role: Marketing/PR
    Date Posted: 26 January 2012

    User Here Ghiaty Mohamed Magdy Ghiaty's Success Story
    Ghiaty Mohamed Magdy

    Searching for a suitable job to satisfy your ambition is a very difficult thing. But thanks to Bayt.com, my Resume have reached to HR staff in Al A'ali Engineering Co.and the HR officer called me to tell me about an appointment for an interview on August 27, 2014.
    On August 28, 2014 I have joined the company team as Civil engineer in one of the largest projects in Doha city.

    Since that time, I am advicing my friends to publish their CV on Bayt.com

    Ghiaty Mohamed Magdy
    Company Name: Al A'ali Engineering
    Job Role: Engineering
    Date Posted: 05 January 2015

    Muhammad Imran Baig Muhammad's Success Story
    Muhammad Imran Baig

    Dear All,

    First of all I would like to thank God and then Bayt.com for where I am today. I applied, searched and joined my new career through Bayt.com. I worked in Qatar earlier in Redco International and relocated only 2 weeks ago to the UAE and currently working in Astraco Construction because of Bayt.com.

    Muhammad Imran Baig
    Company Name: Astraco Construction - UAE
    Job Role: Engineering
    Date Posted: 26 November 2012

    Eyada Musleh Eyada's Success Story
    Eyada Musleh

    I've heard about Bayt.com from one of my friends as he recommended I start using it when I was looking for a job. As soon as I joined this job site I got the job I was looking for in Sukar, UAE. I do recommend job seekers to start using Bayt.com to look for relevant job opportunities.
    Thank you Bayt.com & keep up the good work.

    Eyada Musleh
    Company Name: Sukar
    Job Role: Marketing/PR
    Date Posted: 03 August 2012

    Lama Fakhouri Lama's Success Story
    Lama Fakhouri

    Finding a job and relocating from my country to Dubai (UAE) through Bayt.com was a dream that came true, it was easy and fast. Thanks to Bayt.com for changing my life :)

    Lama Fakhouri
    Company Name: ProMetal
    Job Role: Marketing/PR
    Date Posted: 27 February 2012

    kareem mamdouh kareem's Success Story
    kareem mamdouh

    I would like to thank Bayt.com team for this opportunity to make me one member for the best team in perfect company like imdad. i joined Imdad this month as a Product Specialist in Bahrain.

    kareem mamdouh
    Company Name: imdad Co.
    Job Role: Healthcare/Medical
    Date Posted: 13 April 2015

    Mohamed Khater Mohamed's Success Story
    Mohamed Khater

    In 2006; I started to think that its time for me to start a career outside my home country. The first location I looked was in GCC. It was not long before I found Bayt.com. From my first click I was amazed by opportunities that were offered in different countries (GCC & other regions).

    Soon I found a suitable Job in UAE as a QA/QC Engineer through Bayt.com. From that moment; Bayt.com held a special place in my mind as well as heart.

    Since Then, I consider Bayt.com as Number 1 tools in building and developing my career. This strategy, till date has never let me down.

    Mohamed Khater
    Company Name: Bureau Veritas
    Job Role: Quality Control
    Date Posted: 23 September 2012

    Mahmoud Eid Mahmoud's Success Story
    Mahmoud Eid

    إن الإصرار والتحدى للوصول إلى الوظيفه التى تناسب خبراتى كانت عن طريق موقع بيت كوم, ومن هنا يبدأ البحث الجاد عن الوظيفه:
    لقد سافرت إلى دولة قطر منذ أربعة شهور وطرقت كل الأبواب وأجريت العديد من المقابلات الشخصيه ولكن دون فائده فمعظم الشركات تبجث عن الموظف قليل الخبره وبالتالى قليل الراتب وبدون طلبات شخصيه وهذه إحدى المتاعب للمهندس المحترف فى عمله, وأيضا لا يستطيع هذا المهندس أن يتنازل عن مبادئه وكفاءته, ولهذا فكرت فى أن أنضم إلى إحدى مواقع التوظيف العالميه والموثوق بها لدى كبار الشركات وكان النصيب على موعد معى وإنضميت إلى فريق عمل شركة جيرمن وأتمنى أن يوفقنى الله .
    شكرا للموقع الفريد بيت كوم وكل فريق عمله ودائما فى تفوق

    Mahmoud Eid
    Company Name: Germin Trading
    Job Role: Engineering
    Date Posted: 22 March 2013


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