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CV Writing

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Thanks for the revisions you did on my CV. Excellent job... it just looks great!

Great job, CV Services! I am truly impressed and satisfied with the detailed evaluation of my CV.

Thanks for the high quality work you've done on my CV. I am very pleased with the results.

Get better results with your CV

Confused about where to begin? Lost for words when it comes to "selling" yourself in your CV? Let us do the work.

“Statistics show that a professionally written Bayt.com CV increases the number of views on your CV by 50% to 100% vis-à-vis a homemade" CV, thus enhancing your chances of securing an interview.”

Bayt.com's professional CV and Career consultants have inside knowledge of what hiring managers look for when evaluating CVs. Our consultants help you with specific wording, positioning, and organization of your CV, so you can market your skills and experience to potential employers more effectively than any "homemade" CV ever could.

Professional CV Consultants at Bayt.com…

  • Eliminate the screen out factors that can send CVs to the reject pile
  • Maximize the impact of your CV on hiring managers
  • Communicate your skills and experience in the most effective way
  • Increase your CV success rate and secure more interviews

How does it benefit to have my CV professionally written from Bayt.com consultants?

  • Your CV is often the first interaction with your prospective employer, and in a highly competitive job-market the importance of creating a good first impression can never be overestimated.
  • A well written CV mirrors your intelligence, focus, attention to detail and communication skills - some of the key aspects employers across the industry spectrum look for - and definitely helps you get a foot in the door.a

Does a professional Bayt.com CV guarantee me a job?

  • Professional CV Writing Consultants have a wealth of knowledge of what hiring managers look for when evaluating CVs. Our consultants help you with specific wording, positioning, and organization of your CV, so you can market your skills and experience to potential employers more effectively than a "homemade" CV could and maximize your chances of securing an interview.
  • However securing a final offer is ultimately dependent on your performance at the interview among other factors.

What is the process involved, from the time I subscribe to the service, till I get delivery of the finalized service?

  • Submit your order online.
  • Once payment is received and processed, we will start to work on your order. We may ask you more detailed questions about your work experience via email.
  • Make sure you send your documents and any further information in the English Language. Sending the information in Arabic will cause a delay of 2 - 3 working days.
  • You will receive the first draft and/or cover letter for review within 10 business days (3 business days for express service) of payment being received.
  • From the day you get delivery of the first draft, you may get back to us within 14 days with 2 rounds of edits / modifications.
  • If you have subscribed to the platinum upgrade, you will receive the word and PDF versions of your CV and/or cover letter once the online version has been finalized.

Cover Letter Writing

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Is a cover letter important – do I need it?

Cover Letter is a very important accessory to your CV

  • It allows you to provide an interesting summary of your profile, as well as highlight your key achievements and core competencies.
  • Clarify critical issues (gaps in work experience, quick job changes etc) that you may feel is likely to impact the hiring manager’s decision.
  • It is like the “teaser summary” on the back cover of a book that you always read before deciding whether it is worth buying.

What you can also buy as upgrades:

Express Delivery
Have an urgent opening you need to apply to? Need your new CV in a hurry?

This product can be purchased as an upgrade to all packages. Our Express service guarantees delivery of your first draft in 3 business days. An additional fee of 20% of the basic package will be added to your total payment. Any information sent in Arabic may cause additional delays of 2 to 3 working days.

Platinum CV Writing Package
Get your CV written in three formats

Get your CV written in three formats (Word, PDF, Bayt.com CV Builder). Note: you must purchase, or have purchased, a CV Writing service to use the Platinum CV Writing Package service.

Arabic Formats
Reach out to a wider audience of HR directors in the region.

This service can be bought only as an upgrade to basic English CV writing or combo packages. You will have a professional Arabic CV in both MS-Word and PDF format. BAyt.com is the only professional Career Service in the region to provide this service.

Salary Search
Want to know your market value?

Find companies offering top salaries with Power Salary Search. Basic Salary Search does not display the names of companies offering top salaries. With Power Salary Search, target your job search to those companies offering your expected salary.

Note: You can buy these upgrades as part of the above packages.

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