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      Brayan Serrao Brayan's Success Story
    Brayan Serrao

    I was searching for a job and I uploaded my CV on Bayt.com for free and registered myself. Bayt.com helped me to get a call for an interview with Caesar Pac Carton & Paper Products Co.
    Thank you so much Bayt.com you made my dream come true..

    Brayan Serrao
    Company Name: Caesar Pac Carton & Paper Products Co.
    Job Role: Sales
    Date Posted: 23 December 2013

    Ibrahim Khattab Ibrahim's Success Story
    Ibrahim Khattab

    When I received a notification from Bayt.com to update my CV, I logged in to my account and updated it. After 2 days, I got a call from a company asking me for an interview. Things went well, and now I am employed in one among the Top 5 FMCG companies in Lebanon.

    Thank-you Bayt.com for following up with my profile and giving me the opportunity to become a department head.

    Ibrahim Khattab
    Company Name: Food & Drug Corporation
    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance
    Date Posted: 25 October 2011

    User Here Marco Angelo Joson Marco's Success Story
    Marco Angelo Joson

    I worked as a Draughtsman at my previous company and because of the recession I was terminated. I have signed up to different job sites, and none of them offered me good jobs. A friend mentioned to me to register on Bayt.com because he has gotten his job through Bayt.com. I didn't believe at first, but still I registered, in less than two weeks I received a call for an initial interview. Currently I am working as a project coordinator at Hotbrands International.

    Marco Angelo Joson
    Company Name: Hotbrands International
    Job Role: Art/Design/Creative
    Date Posted: 25 October 2011

    Alvar Bantay Alvar's Success Story
    Alvar Bantay

    Hi Everyone!
    I'm 28 years old now and still dreaming for another success and accomplishment in my career. Because of Bayt.com I am working as A Cad Designer for a HVAC design company here in Doha Qatar. I graduated in 2005 and I admit after my graduation I didn't have that good job. I started as a construction labor, and several months later I became a construction foreman and then I worked for couple of years as a draftsman in a governmental company in Philippines. At that time I was not yet satisfied with my career but with the help of Bayt.com now I'm here in Doha Qatar working as a Site Engineer at the same time as a CAD designer, and still hoping to pursue my goal in life and success in my career. Guys don't lose hope and faith and trust in yourselves. Bayt.com will surely help us meet our dreams and make them come true..

    Many thanks
    More Power..

    Alvar Bantay
    Company Name: Continental Cooling Company
    Job Role: Engineering
    Date Posted: 14 February 2012

    Mohammed Al Hammali Mohammed's Success Story
    Mohammed Al Hammali

    I am from Saudi Arabia and have always dreamed of working overseas and getting international experience and exposure. It has always been a dream for me and a goal to achieve. I have been applying to companies for the past few years but all my applications were turned down until Bayt.com came my way and made my dream come true. I have recently secured a job overseas in manufacturing company in UAE and I am moving out soon enough. Definitely Bayt.com will be my first option in recruiting staff in the new organization and first recommendation to any job seeker. Hats up Bayt.com!

    Mohammed Al Hammali
    Company Name: Maersk Line
    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance
    Date Posted: 24 October 2011

    Wafa Jaffery Wafa's Success Story
    Wafa Jaffery

    I got my job in DMCC through Bayt.com. I uploaded my CV on Bayt.com in July 2013 and I got a call from DMCC in Dec 2013 and after 3 interviews I got selected.
    Thank you Bayt.com

    Wafa Jaffery
    Company Name: DMCC
    Job Role: Administration
    Date Posted: 10 June 2014

    Felix Santhumayor Felix's Success Story
    Felix Santhumayor

    I was previously working as a Waiter in Doha. One day I came across a Bayt.com job ad on Kuwait Times classifieds page. Although all that jobs were for white collar professions like accountants, engineers etc. I did not give up. I logged onto the site and posted my CV.
    After completing 5 years with my employer I wanted to switched jobs. Once my previous visa expired I had limited time. That is when I got a an email from a company in Doha who saw my CV on Bayt.com. My friend persuaded me to take this chance because the salary package was good. Within a month I reach Doha and accepted the job that turned out to be 3 times better than my last one. All my friends ask me how I did it and I tell them through Bayt.com.
    I take this opportunity to thank Bayt.com as well as to tell those people who don't trust job sites, you can rely on Bayt.com because it is not only a job site but much more. I am very happy with Bayt.com. Thank you.

    Felix Santhumayor
    Company Name: Jaidah Group, Doha Qatar
    Job Role: Customer Service
    Date Posted: 05 September 2012

    Mohammad Yousuf Mohammad Rafique Mohammad's Success Story
    Mohammad Yousuf Mohammad Rafique

    I am Mohammad Yousuf Mohammad, I worked in an engineering company in Kuwait for about 9 years, unfortunately because of some matters I became jobless. One of my friends later told me about Bayt.com and asked me to upload my CV.
    I registered on Bayt.com and uploaded my CV and the result made me surprised, as within two days I got a call from my current employer and later got a very good job opportunity.
    Thanks a lot Bayt.com for helping people!

    Mohammad Yousuf Mohammad Rafique
    Company Name: Darwaza Engineering Consultancy
    Job Role: Engineering
    Date Posted: 11 April 2012

    Adil Khan Adil's Success Story
    Adil Khan

    For me 'achievable' is something that is out of reach enough to be challenging, but it should not be out of sight, or else it becomes disheartening.
    I was looking for jobs while I was in my home country Pakistan. Bayt.com was actually the last website I started to explore. I came to the UAE as a senior engineer and now working as a project manager in telecom industry.
    Bayt.com not only got me a job in the UAE but also gave my life a new direction. The amazing part is I have not paid a single penny to anyone to get this job.

    Adil Khan
    Company Name: Waseela for Integrated Solutions
    Job Role: Management
    Date Posted: 08 April 2012


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