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      Rahim Rahim's Success Story

    I am very pleased to acknowledge that Bayt.com played an important role in my career trigger and career growth.

    The current economic recession has made a drastic change on the lives of many professionals in the job market in Pakistan and throughout the world. I was one of those professionals who were inflicted by this global credit crunch. In this hour of great depression, Bayt.com was the only job search website that helped me out. I applied for some jobs which I found suitable for my experience and qualification. Within 2 weeks, I got employed as Web Designer at MircoTech Business a leading consultancy firm of my country at a really good capacity. I want to thank Bayt.com team for their superb career assistance.

    Company Name: MicroTech Business
    Job Role: Technology/IT
    Date Posted: 07 May 2013

    Ayaz Punjani Ayaz's Success Story
    Ayaz Punjani

    After my B.Com from Pakistan, I started my career in a company where I was not satisfied. I was looking for a good job but did not have any time to visit employers personally as I had to stay late at my existing job.

    Then I heard about Bayt.com and got myself registered immediately. After my registration, I was interviewed by a few employers who saw my CV online and within two days I got a call from Aleemiyah Pakistan. I visited their office and was interviewed by a professional panel. I got appointed with a handsome salary package immediately.
    I also use to find the career articles by Bayt.com on their official Facebook page and on their site really helpful. They have helped me improve my professional skills.
    All this would not have been possible without Bayt.com services. Bayt.com you have done wonders to my career.

    Ayaz Punjani
    Company Name: Aleemiyah
    Job Role: Administration
    Date Posted: 03 September 2012

    User Here ayaz solangi ayaz's Success Story
    ayaz solangi

    I graduated with a Master Degree in chemistry, then I applied for jobs in different companies.In the beginning, I worked for KCI Pharma as an analyst, and soon afterwards I registered on Bayt.com. I received many job offers from different companies, and succeeded in finding a great job as a quality control in charge at Asian Continental Company through Bayt.com.

    I would like to thank Bayt.com for supporting my career.

    ayaz solangi
    Company Name: Asian Continental Company LTD Pakistan
    Job Role: Quality Control
    Date Posted: 25 December 2012

    Muhammad Omar Ahmad Khan Muhammad's Success Story
    Muhammad Omar Ahmad Khan

    I was desperately searching for a trade finance job in an international bank in 2005. My previous employer was a local bank which was soon to be taken over by some other bank so making many employees redundant. One morning on my drive to my office I experienced an advertisement about Bayt.com. After office that day I visited Bayt.com and posted my resume there. I kept searching for different roles and jobs. Finally after three months I got an e-mail from Standard Chartered Bank that they have short listed my resume from Bayt.com and want to interview me. After a couple of interviews I was finalized and got my dream job in trade finance with an excellent take home package. Eventually I have progressed today to a Senior Manager role in Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan and now again visiting Bayt.com for my next move in Middle East. Thank you Bayt.com for providing me the breath through which I needed in my mid career. I am again relying on Bayt.com now for a similar breath through in my senior management career. Warm regards, Muhammad Omar Ahmad Khan

    Muhammad Omar Ahmad Khan
    Company Name: Standard Chartered Bank - Pakistan
    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance
    Date Posted: 24 November 2012

    Amin Ul Haq Satti Amin's Success Story
    Amin Ul Haq Satti

    I am a system analyst and I have more than 11 years of experience in software and web development, and in my career life I always try very hard to find a good and career oriented job. Back then in 2008 I applied on Bayt.com and within few months I got noticed and got the best job in my life in WaqarTech thanks to Bayt.com.

    I am so happy with my new career as a system analyst and I recommend my friends and the people in my circle to register on Bayt.com.

    Amin Ul Haq Satti
    Company Name: WaqarTech
    Job Role: Technology/IT
    Date Posted: 27 January 2014

    Sumair Naeem Sumair's Success Story
    Sumair Naeem

    I am Sumair Naeem working with a leading automobile company Indus Motors just because of Bayt.com, before knowing about Bayt.com, I was searching for jobs and posting my Resume on many other job sites but with no response. Through Bayt.com it was very easy for me to get a job opportunity in a leading Automobile firm. I am really thankful to Bayt.com

    Sumair Naeem
    Company Name: Indus Motors Company Ltd
    Job Role: Logistics
    Date Posted: 07 June 2011

    Nauman Abdul Hussain Nauman's Success Story
    Nauman Abdul Hussain

    I started my career in 2007 after Graduating. I applied for a few relevant jobs on the job site Bayt.com and amazingly, within a week, I started receiving interview calls from different employers and finally got a good opportunity in the Banking sector through Bayt.com. This job provided me an excellent platform for my career, from where I excelled efficiently into my professional life. As I had already made a great start of my professional life, I soon got a favorable opportunity in famous Software House in Pakistan as a Database Administrator. Being working with one of the biggest multinational companies of the world, my career has soared and I am gaining new experiences every day. Due to Bayt.com 's career guidance, I have recently been promoted to Deputy Assistant Director in a very short time span. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Bayt.com for providing me with a solid platform to enter into the corporate world and stand out from the rest.

    Nauman Abdul Hussain
    Company Name: STEVTA
    Job Role: Technology/IT
    Date Posted: 16 December 2011

    Shaneela Shaneela's Success Story

    I came to know Bayt.com through online career fairs and I’ve learned a lot from their representatives. I got the chance to be interviewed in several companies but unfortunately I didn’t get the job till I was contacted by the HR department of AKU hospital who found my CV on bayt.com. I was interviewed and got the job. You should take the initiative to search for jobs and don't hesitate if the job doesn't sound as attractive as you may want, because it may open other doors. I would like to thank Bayt.com for providing me the perfect opportunity, to learn, practice and acquire practical knowledge, and start my career.

    Company Name: AKU
    Job Role: Healthcare/Medical
    Date Posted: 31 January 2013

    Brian James Dcruz Brian's Success Story
    Brian James Dcruz

    I was working for a good professional company in India but with a low salary, when I was in Dubai on a visit visa to search for a job I spent three months without a proper room, food,water etc. I did not have sufficient money in my pocket to go for an interview.I used to walk all the way from Karama to the place of the interview but return back disappointed as I was not given any offer. One day I met a person who asked me to send my resume to Bayt.com, so I went to an internet cafe and opened an account with Bayt.com and also uploaded my resume. I was back in my home town but kept on updating my resume on Bayt.com. One day I got a call from Doha and the company asked me if I was interested to work in Doha. They informed me about the position I will be handling and also the salary package and I was so surprised as I never got such a salary any where since I started working. Once I settled in Doha my company also gave me a family status, I got my wife and children here where they went to school and have now passed their 10th std in Doha. I would like to thank Bayt.com for this wonderful opportunity it has given me which has changed my life completely. I have also asked all my friends to put their resume on Bayt.com and will keep on telling others to do so. Thank you once again Bayt.com. I am still updating my CV as I have 100% confidence in Bayt.com's Services. God Bless You All.. regards Brian..

    Brian James Dcruz
    Company Name: Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee (DAGOC)
    Job Role: Other
    Date Posted: 20 June 2011


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