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      Mahmoud Manasra Mahmoud's Success Story
    Mahmoud Manasra

    I am a research analyst with 2 years of experience in a local company. I went through Bayt.com to search for further jobs as I wanted to expand my experience and practices in Saudi Arabia and Bayt.com has given me the opportunity to do so. I applied to research analyst jobs posted through Bayt.com for international companies and I had many phone and face-to-face interviews to start my new job. Finally I got the opportunity to work as a research analyst for one of the leading research companies in the world. Thanks to God first and to Bayt.com second which allowed me to expand my experience and knowledge and work for a leading international firm (International Data Corporation). The big surprise is while I was at the first months of my new job, 2 interview requests came my way by international firms which I have applied to earlier during my job search (one of the companies was Nielsen). I will never stop searching for jobs through Bayt.com. Bayt.com will always be my first tool in searching for job opportunities.

    Mahmoud Manasra
    Company Name: International Data Corporation (IDC)
    Job Role: Research
    Date Posted: 15 March 2012

    Sathish Chandrasekaran Sathish's Success Story
    Sathish Chandrasekaran

    First, I want to thank God and Bayt.com for helping me begin a new career of success.
    I graduated from University of India and worked at Hamad Al zamih company in Saudi Arabia for 2 years. Later I tried to look for better job opportunities by sending my CV to different companies.
    I became a member of Bayt.com at that time and my wishes came true, I received a call from SEPCO (Saudi Gulf Environmental Protection Company) asking me for an interview and within 1 month I became a member of SEPCO family in a great position.

    Thanks all and a special thank you to Bayt.com and I wish you continuous growth and success.

    Sathish Chandrasekaran
    Company Name: SEPCO
    Job Role: Safety
    Date Posted: 02 September 2013

    User Here Muhammd Shafique shakeel Muhammd's Success Story
    Muhammd Shafique shakeel

    As any fresh graduate I've knocked many doors for any opened vacancy related to my major Management Information Systems (MIS), but once I built my CV on Bayt.com I started to receive offers from many companies. Bayt.com was the main reason of me working in one of the biggest Information Technology Companies in Kuwait, Diyar United Company; hence, Bayt.com is the first link I visit when I want to seek a job or re-evaluate my career in the market.
    Bayt.com is not only a website for seeking jobs, it's a tool to help you evaluate your career and reach higher positions with high salaries.

    Muhammd Shafique shakeel
    Company Name: Toyota Sahara Motors
    Job Role: Technology/IT
    Date Posted: 04 July 2012

    Amir Turkistani Amir's Success Story
    Amir Turkistani

    I graduated from the College of Economics and Management and started looking for a job. I visited Bayt.com and directly registered, completed my CV and started applying to different job openings.
    After four days of applying I started receiving many calls from Bayt.com employers. I started working at BT-Applied technology through Bayt.com after 10 days of applying.
    I am still receiving calls from different employers through Bayt.com.
    Finally, I owe Bayt.com a debt of gratitude for the success it added to my career path.

    Amir Turkistani
    Company Name: BT-Applied Technology - KSA
    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance
    Date Posted: 04 May 2013

    Merfat Eskander Merfat's Success Story
    Merfat Eskander

    I personally thank you Bayt.com.The words seem to vanish. Phone calls of thanks, thank you notes, or letters get delayed and then forgotten.

    Lets start, on Bayt.com, you will discover a variety of Job Openings and for employers a good deal of CVs. Resumes for entry jobs will obviously have less, or even no work experience, than resumes for jobs which require experience. However, do tailor your resume, as much as possible, to show you're a good match for the jobs you are applying to.You can find tips on how to write CVs, Cover letters or even Rejection letters for employers on Bayt.com.

    My personal CVs has 500 unique views and has appeared 4461 times in employer searches . Every person can search for his dream job on this website.For now, I hope every member of this website will find his dream job ASAP and I would request to share your experience with friends and relatives.

    Merfat Eskander

    Merfat Eskander
    Company Name: Pepsi
    Job Role: Human Resources/Personnel
    Date Posted: 07 June 2011

    Muhammad Adnan Khawaja Muhammad's Success Story
    Muhammad Adnan Khawaja

    My name is Khawaja Adnan, I am a Pakistani National. I used to work in Pakistan as Manager Operations Manager in Oxford University Press Pakistan Branch before I went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I was crazily searching for a job in the Kingdom but had gone through hard luck for couple of years. Later, one of my friends advised me to create my account on Bayt.com, I did it and fortunately i got an opportunity from Algihaz holding (leading contractors of Saudi Arabian government)
    Thank you Bayt.com for making this joyful and wonderful event happen, you played a major role in my professional career!
    Love you Bayt.com.....

    Muhammad Adnan Khawaja
    Company Name: Algihaz Holding
    Job Role: Purchasing/Procurement
    Date Posted: 06 June 2011

    Hamdy Elhosary Hamdy's Success Story
    Hamdy Elhosary

    Finally, I got a job at SURE Technology through Bayt.com as a Web Designer. Applying to jobs throught Bayt.com was the best choice I made. I recommend this job site for every jobseeker who is searching for a good career.
    Thanks Bayt.com!
    Thanks SURE Technology!

    Hamdy Elhosary
    Company Name: SURE Technology
    Job Role: Art/Design/Creative
    Date Posted: 01 April 2013

    Shiham Mohamed Mashoor Mohamed Shiham's Success Story
    Shiham Mohamed Mashoor Mohamed

    I just graduated and overwhelmed with responsibilities and costs. I was told that Bayt.com is your gate for salvation and having the best future career, I didn't believe until I tried this for myself and the result was perfect and much better than I thought. Two days after I applied for the job, I had a phone interview from the HR of Standard Chartered Bank and a face to face interview the next day. The next thing I knew, I was employed within a week. This is probably the fastest response I would ever receive in my life.
    Thank You Bayt.com

    Shiham Mohamed Mashoor Mohamed
    Company Name: Standard Chartered Bank - Sri Lanka
    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance
    Date Posted: 17 April 2014


    The whole world has been facing many economic problems lately, and I was one of those professionals who were influenced by that. At that time I was really depressed and bayt.com was the only job search website that helped me out. I registered and applied for some jobs which I found suitable for my experience and qualifications. Within 6 months I was employed at Pakistan Bureau of statistics, Lahore as an assistant census commissioner.
    Thank you bayt.com

    Company Name: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
    Job Role: Management
    Date Posted: 12 February 2013

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