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      Leena Rahahla Leena's Success Story
    Leena Rahahla

    I got hired through Bayt.com. Working with Doctoruna.com has been a blessing!

    Leena Rahahla
    Company Name: Doctoruna.com
    Job Role: Customer Service
    Date Posted: 11 November 2014

    Abdulaziz Khaled Abdulaziz's Success Story
    Abdulaziz Khaled

    I was a fresh graduate and didn't have a job when I began browsing different jobsites on the internet, I came across Bayt.com. I was very impressed with the site and immediately posted my resume and began applying for jobs.

    After three months of searching, I received a call from Khalidia Towers- a large and well known company based in Riyadh. The recruitment officer said that he saw my resume posted on Bayt.com and offered me a senior position in the Customer Service Sector. I was extremely happy with the offer and scope of work. I would advise all job seekers: Do not lose hope no matter what. Thank you, Bayt.com.

    Abdulaziz Khaled
    Company Name: Happold Consulting
    Job Role: Management
    Date Posted: 16 October 2011

    User Here Gopi Ganesh Alapaty Gopi's Success Story
    Gopi Ganesh Alapaty

    I would like to start by saying that the other name for the word Scope is what Bayt.com is, as it offers a wide range of job opportunities.

    In my case I would like to thank Bayt.com team for their continuous support to the hidden talents across the globe. Bayt.com is a very user friendly website and fast & efficient in terms of search & profile matching. Till now I got 4 different good jobs in India & abroad since October 2008 and I am currently working in the UAE.

    Bayt.com has a serious dedication towards the requirements of Employers & Jobseekers.
    Once again thank you Bayt.com team for your support.

    Gopi Ganesh Alapaty
    Company Name: Emirates National Group
    Job Role: Technology/IT
    Date Posted: 06 September 2011

    Roy Ramirez Roy's Success Story
    Roy Ramirez

    A year and a half after I had subscribed on Bayt.com and posted my CV, an employer called me by phone. It was the General Manager of the Anan Iskan Development Co. and he had seen my CV on Bayt.com and called for an interview. It was the opportunity I have been waiting for and the beginning of a new chapter. Thanks to Bayt.com I am working in my current company as an accountant. I am currently stable and well-compensated and I owe all of this to Bayt.com.

    Roy Ramirez
    Company Name: Anan Iskan Development Co., Ltd.
    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance
    Date Posted: 01 March 2012

    Adil Khan Adil's Success Story
    Adil Khan

    For me 'achievable' is something that is out of reach enough to be challenging, but it should not be out of sight, or else it becomes disheartening.
    I was looking for jobs while I was in my home country Pakistan. Bayt.com was actually the last website I started to explore. I came to the UAE as a senior engineer and now working as a project manager in telecom industry.
    Bayt.com not only got me a job in the UAE but also gave my life a new direction. The amazing part is I have not paid a single penny to anyone to get this job.

    Adil Khan
    Company Name: Waseela for Integrated Solutions
    Job Role: Management
    Date Posted: 08 April 2012

    Mohammed Hamza Sheikh Mohammed's Success Story
    Mohammed Hamza Sheikh

    After graduating from the IT College, I started looking for a job online.
    One of my friends recommended to try and submit my CV on Bayt.com. I visited Bayt.com and directly registered and completed my CV.
    After 2 weeks, I was surprised to receive a call from the National Factory of Can Ends Ltd. (NAFCEL) asking me for an interview.
    I joined NAFCEL after receiving a good job offer and a great position.
    Thanks Bayt.com and keep up this brilliant service.

    M. Hamza Sheikh
    IT Project Manager

    Mohammed Hamza Sheikh
    Company Name: NAFCEL - KSA
    Job Role: Technology/IT
    Date Posted: 29 April 2013

    Waleed Nabil Waleed's Success Story
    Waleed Nabil

    My Dear Bayt.com,

    I don't remember when exactly I joined Bayt.com but I do remember that my first CV was made by Bayt.com CV Builder then exported it to Microsoft Word where I used it for my jobsearch. Because of Bayt.com CV Builder I was able to get many interviews, invitations and I was successfully hired.

    The most exciting event I had with Bayt.com was when I received a phone call from my current Saudi employer telling me that they had checked my CV on Bayt.com and want to meet with me in Cairo where I was living at that time in 2010, and within 2 months they came to Egypt, met with me, offered me a good package and here I am now working with them for almost one and a half years and everything is going fine.

    My second step would be to have my CV built by a Bayt.com Career Services professional and to always use Bayt.com as a first choice when I am searching for a new job. I will keep on recommending Bayt.com to everyone I know either working or looking for a job.

    Thanks Bayt.com and I wish you more and more success.

    Warm Regards,


    Waleed Nabil
    Company Name: Jubail Chemical Industries (JANA)
    Job Role: Sales
    Date Posted: 13 October 2011

    Abdullah Haj Kaseem Abdullah's Success Story
    Abdullah Haj Kaseem

    I had a good job with a decent salary in Syria. However I wanted to look for better opportunities and decided to travel to Saudi Arabia. I put my CV on Bayt.com and through this website found an Administrative position at Alshaya. It has been a great first week for me on this job.

    Abdullah Haj Kaseem
    Company Name: Alshaya International Company
    Job Role: Administration
    Date Posted: 04 April 2012

    Hamza Al-Qudah Hamza's Success Story
    Hamza Al-Qudah

    Dear Job Seekers,

    I do recommend using Bayt.com not only for getting jobs but it is also useful for the following:

    1- building a professional CV
    2- getting statistics about salaries for each position in each country.
    3- getting statistics about cost of living in each city.

    From the beginning of my career path, I used to utilize all these features and that's why I successfully got my current job at Jeraisy Computers and Communication Co. through Bayt.com.

    Hamza Al-Qudah
    Company Name: Jeraisy Computers and Communication Co.
    Job Role: Technology/IT
    Date Posted: 02 August 2012

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