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      Shaik Hassan Anikkadan Shaik's Success Story
    Shaik Hassan Anikkadan

    All the credits go to Bayt.com for whatever level of confidence I posses today. Due to the vast number of interview calls that I received even in the midst of the recession makes me feel that I'm something and have a place in my current industry. Almost all major companies in UAE offered me best offers, I however opted for Qatar and am currently working there. The best thing on Bayt.com is that you do not only get offers from all GCC, but you can also compare yourself on salary expectations on Salaries in the region which makes you eligible for negotiations. I asked all my friends in the UAE, India and Qatar to register on Bayt.com and I have also helped make CVs for my close ones.
    Last but not least, if one day I reach the top of my career, it will only be because of Bayt.com and the CV that I built through this great job site. Though some job sites try to copy Bayt.com's technology still Bayt.com stands out and will always be the No. 1
    Thank you Bayt.com.

    Shaik Hassan Anikkadan
    Company Name: Debbas Qatar W.L.L
    Job Role: Engineering
    Date Posted: 27 March 2012

    Mohammad Ghazwi Mohammad's Success Story
    Mohammad Ghazwi

    I would like to take this chance to thank Bayt.com as I am currently working in Qatar General Insurance through Bayt.com.

    It was a great experience to get this job easily through a job request while sitting at home.

    I am now searching for another job and I am sure I will get it through Bayt.com.

    Thanks again and I wish all the best to everyone using this website.

    Best Regards

    Mohammad Ghazwi
    Company Name: Qatar General Insurance
    Job Role: Administration
    Date Posted: 25 January 2012

    User Here Adel Mahrous Adel's Success Story
    Adel Mahrous

    I have been working as an Employer with Bayt.com since year 2000.
    Bayt.com is an excellent recruitment tool and had helped me get candidates from all over the world in the IT field.
    Thank you Bayt.com you helped me succeed in my job.

    Adel Mahrous
    Company Name: Jeraisy Computer & Comm. Services
    Job Role: Technology/IT
    Date Posted: 19 June 2012

    Ahmad Raza Faruqi Ahmad's Success Story
    Ahmad Raza Faruqi

    I was well settled in India working with one of the country's most trusted & successful business conglomerates with a great salary package.

    It was a chilly winter in 2008 when I read somewhere that "It's not enough, until you know what's more than enough", which completely changed my philosophy towards the professional life.

    I realized that in order to earn more money in a short time span, I need to relocate to the GCC. So, I built a simple profile on Bayt.com through the recommendation of some of my friends and started searching for a suitable job.

    Within a few weeks of applying to jobs in the GCC on Bayt.com, I got 3 lucrative offers after having telephonic interviews, 1st was in Qatar, 2nd in the UAE & 3rd in Bahrain. I finalized the Qatar offer with a position of Contracts & Planning Engineer at the leading consulting firm of GCC, Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB).

    I am still happily working with AEB, and got promoted recently to Head of Contracts & Planning.

    Many thanks to Bayt.com for bringing a positive change in my personal & professional life!

    Even if I won't be looking for a job change, still browsing Bayt.com is a great opportunity for me which I do quite frequent just to keep an eye on the market trends.

    Ahmad Raza Faruqi
    Company Name: Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB)
    Job Role: Engineering
    Date Posted: 04 August 2012

    Muhammad Saleem Afridi Muhammad's Success Story
    Muhammad Saleem Afridi

    I didn't believe it when so many companies contacted me the first time and when I asked them about the way that how they got my CV so they said it was from 'Bayt.com' . I was so disappointed of using all those employment sites that take so much of time to fill your information and of the useless emails I used to get, but Bayt.com and with the permission of Allah ( thanks god for every thing ) you just know how to do your job effectively . I am so happy with my new career as a QA/QC Inspector and I would tell everyone to subscribe and register on your site and for sure with the help of Allah and you every body will find his/her desired job. Thank you so much once again Bayt.com.

    Muhammad Saleem
    Company Name: Square General Contracting Company LLC
    Job Role: QA/QC Inspector

    Muhammad Saleem Afridi
    Company Name: Sqaure General Contracting Company LLC
    Job Role: Quality Control
    Date Posted: 31 August 2015

    Abdullah Haj Kaseem Abdullah's Success Story
    Abdullah Haj Kaseem

    I had a good job with a decent salary in Syria. However I wanted to look for better opportunities and decided to travel to Saudi Arabia. I put my CV on Bayt.com and through this website found an Administrative position at Alshaya. It has been a great first week for me on this job.

    Abdullah Haj Kaseem
    Company Name: Alshaya International Company
    Job Role: Administration
    Date Posted: 04 April 2012

    Assem Kamal Assem's Success Story
    Assem Kamal

    انا قصتي مختلفة الى حد ما مع بيت.كوم فانا اعمل في مجال غير منتشر و هو نظم المعلومات الجغرافية و حيث انني قد قمت بتفعيل حسابي على بيت.كوم للبحث عن وظائف فقد تم الاتصال بي عن طريق اكثر من شركة و بدون تقديم في وظائف و لا اعلم من اين اتوا بالسيرة الذاتية الخاصة بي و لكن بعد ان اقوم بالبحث عن الشركة و مكانها و طريقة عرض وظائفها فاتفاجأ انها عن طريق بيت.كوم و الى الان تقوم شركات كثيرة بالاتصال بي و لكن كل مرة اسأل من اين حصلوا على السيرة الذاتية الخاصة بي؟ و بالطبع تكون الاجابة المتوقعة بيت.كوم من اكثر من 90 في المائة من المتصلين بي. و الحمد لله جميع الشركات المتصلة بي من اقوى و اكبر الشركات في مجال عملي و هذا يوضح مدى و قوة بيت.كوم في جذب الشركات العالمية و المتقدمة في المجالات المختلفة و مع اني اعمل في هذه الايام في شركة من خارج بيت.كوم و لكن مع البحث قد علمت ان الشركة ايضا تعرض وظائفها في بيت.كوم و لذلك اقوم بنصح جميع زملائي الباحثين عن وظائف لتفعيل حسابهم على بيت.كوم حتى اذا لم يكن لديه نية في التقديم على وظائف فشكرا بيت.كوم على المجهود المبذول الرائع و اتمنى من الجميع قبول تحياتي

    عاصم كمال
    محلل نظم معلومات جغرافية

    Assem Kamal
    Company Name: AlMoammar Information Systems
    Job Role: Technology/IT
    Date Posted: 08 May 2012

    Ahmed Afzal Ahmed's Success Story
    Ahmed Afzal

    This is the perfect opportunity and way to share our experience with Bayt.com. This is a great place for freshers who wants to get good positions and ideal jobs. It's always important to say thank you to that source after getting a job like for me I got my 1st job through Bayt.com. I am currently working in a Bahrawi Trading Co. as a Sales Consultant. I created my Bayt.com account 5 years before. I am really happy, satisfied and learning different experiences everyday. At the end all thanks to Bayt.com.
    I recommended Bayt.com to many of my friends also.
    Wishing everyone here to get best jobs of their interest, especially freshers.
    Good Luck!

    Ahmed Afzal
    Company Name: Bahrawi Trading
    Job Role: Sales
    Date Posted: 20 October 2013

    Cristie Tayaman Cristie's Success Story
    Cristie Tayaman

    Hello everyone, thanks to Bayt.com for helping job seekers like me find jobs. I would like to share my short story with you. I came to Kuwait January 2007 as a household worker in a Kuwaiti house. Being a housemaid was not my goal in life. While working I decided to study computer secretarial(utilizing my holiday time for my studies)and with the help of my very kind employers I successfully got my diploma. To cut the story short, in March 2012, I was browsing the internet when I happened to see Bayt.com, and here my dreams started, I sent my CV to Bayt.com. After 1 and a half month I received a call for an interview from an Institution which I passed and they gave me a week for the actual training. Everything went smoothly, got my release papers from my sponsors and waited for the processing of my new documents and finally I started to work as a secretary/receptionist in the institution. The best thing that happened is that after a year of working in Afkar, I was promoted from receptionist to supervisor.
    Whenever and whatever I have now, I owe everything to my loving sponsors for their unending support and specially to Bayt.com for being a part of their site. Bayt.com will always the best job site ever. To the owner and staff of Bayt.com, my sincerest and unending thank you to everyone..

    Cristie Tayaman
    Company Name: Marquez Afkar Training and Institute
    Job Role: Secretarial
    Date Posted: 27 December 2013

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